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Dear Jenni,

CuChullaine O'Reilly of The Long Riders' Guild here. Thank you for taking my unexpected telephone call yesterday. It was great fun discussing your plans to promote equestrian travel in the UK and it is in regards to this mutual equestrian passion that I am writing you today.

First, if you feel it appropriate please post this email on your website for the benefit of your readers.

As I explained on the phone, The Long Riders' Guild is the first international association of equestrian explorers and long distance travellers. We have Members in 34 countries, all of whom have ridden at least one thousand miles on an equestrian journey.

Some of our Members include - Catherine Waridel, of Switzerland, who rode 8,000 miles alone from the Crimea to Mongolia - Gene Glasscock, of the USA, who rode 12,000 miles from the Arctic Circle to the Equator - and Vladimir Fissenko, of Russia, who rode 19,000 miles from the tip of Patagonia to the top of Alaska.

However, The Guild is proudly represented in the UK too.

Our Members there include - Scotish Long Riders George Patterson, who rode across the Himalayas in the winter of 1949 and Gordon Naysmith, who rode 14,000 miles from South Africa to Austria - Welsh Long Riders Jeremy James, who rode from Turkey to Wales, and Christina Dodwell, who made the first horse trip across Papua New Guinea - and English Long Riders Robin Hanbury-Tenison, who rode from Spain to Cornwall and Stephen McCutcheon, who is currently riding 10,000 kilometers from Delhi, India to Beijing, China.

The mounted achievements of all these equestrian travellers can be viewed at The Long Riders' Guild website. At one thousand pages, and still growing, The Guild's website contains the largest collection of equestrian travel wisdom ever seen. The website contains equipment reviews, information about Current Expeditions, Stories from the Road, etc. It is a commercial free treasure trove of Long Rider history and knowledge and may be viewed via this link -

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